About Phos

We started PHOS with the dream to make payments less complicated and cumbersome for millions of merchants. Against all odds, we have delivered a product which is transforming payment acceptance and the smartphone – with a single tap, every phone becomes a POS and ATM, and with ‘cashback’ every merchant becomes a bank. PHOS offers rapid digital deployment and is uniquely phone and bank agnostic – any NFC Android phone, any bank or acquirer.

PHOS seamlessly integrates payment acceptance with a universe of business applications for merchants, including data driven e-commerce tools, automated marketing, loyalty, payroll, etc. PHOS offers merchants a replacement of old and expensive technology with a simple high value added solution, and a leapfrog for millions of underserved merchants who are still handling costly and unsecure cash.

PHOS supports the new generation of payment methods, including QR based wallets.

Convenient. Quick. Secure. Empowering.

Our team