Accept payments
directly on your phone

phos is the first software solution which turns any
Android NFC-enabled device into a POS terminal

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No hardware needed with
Software POS (SoftPoS)

Merchants can start taking payments right away by downloading software from the Google Play app store.
No additional hardware required
- no bulky terminals, no dongles, no card readers, no fuss

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Contactless payment

Merchants can immediately start accepting payments via their smartphone or tablet
Contactless payments via Visa and Mastercard supported

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Software Development Kit
(SDK) for third party apps

Use our Software Development Kit (SDK) to create new third party app integrations with phos
Greater customisation of the phos app to provide a branded experience to your merchant customers

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Phos Select Phos

Drive Customer Loyalty

Merchants can increase the value of transactions and basket size with our integrated loyalty features
Create new loyalty programmes or implement existing programmes on the phos app to encourage repeat business

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eWallet to enable

Apple Pay and Google Pay supported
Alternative payment methods like WeChat and AliPay supported

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Timely access to cash

Merchants can increase their time to cash, and access funds without waiting days for settlement
We can settle to a card issued by our sister business Paynetics

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Start taking payments for contactless cards or mobile payment solutions



Send a receipt via email, SMS, print QR code


Free payment acceptance
for volunteers delivering
to the elderly

Free contactless payment scheme launched for people
who are supporting their community

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0% Acquiring Fee

Set your acquiring fees to zero with our company debit card

start taking payments now

cards accepted

Visa, VPay, Master Card, Maestro

mobile and contactless payments

Phos, GPay, iPay


Checked Meets the highest security standards, approved by Visa and MasterCard

Checked Works only with secure EMV cards