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Moving quickly and responsibly to cashless payments

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the team at phos have been working hard with our banking and acquirer customers, as well as the merchants they support, to help them move to predominantly contactless and cash-free payments.

Customers are increasingly demanding contactless payment options because of the convenience they offer, as well as the hygiene concerns around handling cash.

But we know that there are also both industry and societal concerns in relation to financial inclusion, access to POS hardware and the awareness of alternative cashless payment methods, amongst other concerns.

For that reason, we are forming a steering group of companies from across banks, acquirers, PSPs and the payment space more broadly to discuss the issues around moving to contactless and cashless payments, and find solutions together.

We’d like to create an environment in which we can start to work together as an industry and help make this move both as seamless and as inclusive as possible. The working title for the steering group is “Moving quickly and responsibly to cashless payments”.

If you are able to be involved, please register your interest below, we’ll be in touch to arrange the first meeting of this steering group.

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